Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine for Musculo-Skeletal Issues

This is from the website which is a great way to look up practitioners in your area. Simply type in your ZIP code. Acupuncture is always my first choice for musculo-skeletal pain and for more stubborn pain, I pair it with massage or chiropractic which work well in concert for pain management.

The musculoskeletal system consists of connective tissues including joints, ligaments, and tendons. Problems with the musculoskeletal system can result in inflammation and pain and, ultimately, reduce the body’s overall health. Increasingly, people are looking for more natural approaches to help relieve painful musculoskeletal conditions instead of relying on medications. ¬†Acupuncture is a good therapy choice because it has no side effects and can be helpful for all types of pain, regardless of what is causing the pain or where the pain is located. Some studies have shown the pain relief provided by acupuncture can last for months.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain before and after acupuncture treatment for pain shows dramatic decreases in brain activity, up to 70 percent. This decrease in brain activity in certain areas of the brain is thought to be the reason for the reduction of pain caused by the acupuncture treatments.

Some musculoskeletal issues that have been successfully treated with acupuncture and Oriental medicine include low back pain, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, repetitive stress injuries and tempromandibular joint disorder (TMJ).