The Power of Re-Naming

This is a nice article about Re-naming and shifting one’s perspective. It’s from West Coast Acutonics, the group that I studied tuning forks with.

To start the New Year off on the right foot, we would like to talk about the power of Renaming. The name we give something is very powerful action. The name carries the vibration. As sound healers we work with the idea of changing vibration through sound each time we pick up our sound tools, chant mantra, sing or tone. The power of words as we sound each syllable is also a vibration that carries its own resonance and influence. Jeffrey Yuen, Daoist priest and scholar, says that the way to change dis-ease is to change consciousness. The way to change consciousness is to change perceptions of ourselves. The stories we tell, the memories we have crafted each keep us locked into a resonant pattern of limitation. A beautiful, oft repeated saying is: “The past no longer exists, the future has not yet happened, and the present is all that is.”

What stories do we tell ourselves? What stories and definitions are formulating our current embodiment? Astrologically, it is a time of great change and releasing, especially for that which is not the truth of who you are. It is an excellent time to let go of that which is no longer sustainable. In psychotherapy, a technique of reframing a story or incident can set someone free from the closed circle that loops endlessly inside our psyches. Thich Nhat Hahn tells us to call things by their true names.

Take the time to ponder and revisit your stories. How do you perceive yourself? What wounds and limitations do you re-create each moment? If every cell in our bodies renews itself within a seven year period, then we are not who we were seven years ago (Saturn cycle).

I challenge you to radically shift these perceptions by renaming each memory or experience into its positive nature or its wholeness. Lay to rest the ghosts of the Po (spirit of the Metal element). Liberate those lessons of life into the deeper wisdom body of the Zhi (spirit of the Water element). Rename them to a higher vibration so that they may be rebirthed as light and wisdom. Change the name, change the perception. Allow the vibration and resonance to shift around you. This allows the potential of the Yin and the possibility of the Yang to unfold in a new way in your life.

Carpe diem!