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Sara Rankin is a certified Sports Medicine Acupuncturist. Contrary to its name, Sports Medicine Acupuncture isn’t just for athletes. Sports Medicine Acupuncture is great for helping anyone who has a soft tissue or musculo-skeletal injury. It is a beautiful combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Sports Medicine. It goes above and beyond the ‘dry needling’ techniques one may receive from a physical therapist. Sports Medicine Acupuncture not only treats the local pain site (the stem) but takes into account a person’s constitutional imbalance (the root) that contributed to the injury in the first place in order to help healing take place on a deeper level.

Sports Medicine Acupuncture includes postural assessment, manual muscle testing, needling motor points on muscles associated with an injury and exercises to correct muscular imbalance. In the Acupuncture portion of a Sports Medicine treatment, Ms. Rankin considers points on the injured muscle, points on the opposing muscle groups and points along the spine that innervate the injured area. Cupping, gua sha, moxa, kinesiotape or manual therapeutic techniques may also be applied.