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I got an injury on the job that caused me pain and numbness in my arms. Before I saw Sara for acupuncture, I was unable to grasp or lift anything over two pounds. Now, I have very little pain and in addition, I no longer have sinus headaches, my eye twitch is gone and I have less water retention. Thank goodness for Sara Rankin and acupuncture!

– Cathy Wong

Sara is one of the sweetest, kindest and most patient people that I have ever met. When I started seeing her I had been smoking for about 10 years. Through her help I was finally able to quit. She helped me remember to be kind to myself, because quitting smoking is a process, a life-long commitment, and there are no failures – only lessons.

РAnna Reidenbach 

Sara is a thoughtful and nurturing acupuncturist. When I send patients to her, I know that they are in good hands.

-Dr. Mary Bacon, Chiropractor

Sara has changed my life for the better. Her healing and caring nature, as well as immense knowledge of how the body works, have managed my asthma, and, more importantly, addressed the underlying causes of my physical discomforts. I am so grateful to have Sara in my life.

-Hillary AcMoody