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Look Younger Naturally With Microcurrent.

You can smooth away your wrinkles without surgery or injections. New Vibrational Beauty Therapy is safe, effective, and pain-free. It can dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles–improving skin tone and texture by encouraging the body’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin. Best of all, Vibrational Beauty Therapy works naturally, without the pain or side-effects of injections or harsh chemical peels.

Acupuncturists have long known that stimulating particular points on the body can trigger a healing response from the body. Vibrational Beauty Therapy takes this understanding a step further. During treatment, acupuncture points that promote blood circulation and skin detoxification are gently massaged with low–level electrical currents. The treatment also includes special masks and lotions, which the currents actually massage into the skin. This procedure is completely non–invasive. There is no recovery time, no bruising or swelling, and no pain. Just smoother, softer, younger-looking skin.