Winter Solstice Lifestyle Advice

Here is the winter advice from master Liu He on how to preserve your energy in the winter. If you are able to protect your yang qi in the winter, it supports your health throughout the rest of the year.

Winter Solstice is the biggest Yin to Yang transition time of the year. For many people who are ill or with chronic illnesses, they may experience worsening symptoms from now until January 28, 2017(Chinese New Year).

During this time, the earth starts to bring all of it’s Yang Qi to a deeper level to protect and preserve. In the Spring, the Yang Qi is then able to re-birth with vigor. As we mirror nature, the same theory applies to our bodies.

This is why it is best to not use too much Yang Qi during this season. When Yang Qi is not preserved at this time, all the Spring diseases could occur such as: cold hands & feet, Yang Qi not being able to rise the entire year, difficult digestion, allergies, etc.

With the Yang Qi residing internally, we experience less protection on the outside. To provide protection, we need to wear warm clothing and practice more Qigong. In addition, eat more ginger in the mornings, lamb, and more grains (Eight Treasure Longevity Congee).