The Spirit of Renewal: Spring Lifestyle Advice

I have a special affinity for spring, as my birthday falls on the first day of spring. I enjoy watching all of the buds start to emerge from the plants, listening to the birds rejoice at dawn and seeing the earth come alive after the grey of winter.

Within the Chinese calendar, we have already stepped into the Spring season which is associated with the Liver organ. In nature, the Earth begins to wake up and renew as the Yang Qi starts to move to the surface. This also occurs in our body as we mirror nature’s activity.

If you currently are experiencing fatigue, cold hands & feet, digestion problems (diarrhea), catch a cold easily, or excessive emotions (effect)  – it means, your yang qi has not risen up yet due to  stagnation of Liver  Qi and  a blockage of the Yang Qi.  These symptoms mean you did not store Qi well during the winter season (cause). In Chinese philosophy, we need to look at the next step (the next season). Now, we begin to prepare for Summer, otherwise more symptoms will present at that time.

Below is Master Liu’s advice for this season:

1. Every night soak your feet in very warm water – this helps the yang qi rise.

2. In the morning after breakfast, drink ginger tea (warming- for yang qi) and  mung bean water (cooling-release liver qi stagnation).

3. Massage Liver 3 to Liver 2 in a downward motion (releases anger).

4. Get up early and walk until the body warms up (at least 45 minutes) – avoid excessive sweating.

5. In the spring, everything needs to be free – it is best to wear loose clothing.

6. Fly kites – this provides far vision and free-flowing qi.

Wishing you a free flowing Spring!