Welcoming the Chinese New Year

A wonderful ritual to acknowledge the new energy of the Horse year is to clean and make some change to your porch or entry way of your home. This doesn’t  have to be big or costly. Simply while cleaning and clearing out the old put forth your intention to welcome  new direction and movement into your life. Placing a lovely object or a plant, maybe some lucky bamboo,  so the first things you see when entering your space are pleasing to the eyes and allow the  flow of energy.

Clearing piles of stuff that need to be dealt with or let go of. The same idea holds true on the psycho-spiritual level, use the strength and courage of this energy to clear old feelings and thought patterns. Renew or let go of relationships that have become stagnant and no longer serve to support the change that is upon us. Invite in the generating energy of this new cycle with the potential to expand human consciousness and create new ways of living on earth. This year has got a kick! With energies of Wood, Yang and Horse it is a year of passionate movement!

From 2009 through 2013 we traveled through  the disintegrating  and sinking cycles of Metal and Water, with directional energies of  inward and downward.  In 2014- 2018, Wood and Fire years we have strong upward and outward energies. In 2014 we have an opportunity to give birth to our heart’s true desire with the cyclical energy of nature as our ally.

The Wood and its corresponding season-Spring  is an opportunity to break through, to begin again,  to commit to our goals and to create. When this energy  stagnates in our lives we can manifest as anger, frustration, depression and pain. The dynamic power of the season (and the year) offers creativity and motivation, with an openness for great change and hope in our personal microcosm and in the collective macrocosm. If we flow with the Qi of the Yang Wood Horse we will  all have good luck!

From Anastacia White, East West Medicine Wisdom