Energy of the Year of the Wood Horse: A Time for Positive Change

I know that Chinese New Year was in February, but while we are still in spring (associated with the liver and wood energy), I wanted to post this description of the energy of the Year of the Wood Horse that we are now in.  It is a great year to get things done and to make positive change!  See this exerpt below from Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School.

We now step into the Year of the Wood Horse. This Horse year carries the potential to channel the upward movement of Wood Qi  through the Heart Qi of Fire and into every new beginning we reach for. The Horse is the animal that represents endurance and the term “Qianli Ma” (a horse that covers 500 li per day – 1 li is 500 meters) is often used to designate an able person and represents the energy of this year. With that said, this is the best year for making unremitting effort to create healthy habits in all aspects of life. In order to do this we must look first at our foundation: health and Qi level.